What do you think about the sanctions and possible war on Iran, militarization of the region and their impact on women’s lives ?

Having several questions from ourselves, about the future of Iran and Middle East, we decided to share our thoughts with other feminists and those who are concerned about gender equality; We need to talk to each other! So we started to publish the first responses that we received, and will keep posting them as long as we receive more responses. You can also participate and send your thoughts in any format you prefer; text, video, drawing…

The economic sanctions and the wars unleash a mass agony and women bear the brunt of the catastrophe that ensues.

We currently witness an unprecedented increase in the war rhetoric, fueled by both the leaders of Iran; as they insist on pursuit of the nuclear program at any price; and the governments which sanctioned Iran, as they persist in safeguarding their interests of global hegemony. Recently the so-called “peaceful military intervention” has been introduced to the classical war rhetoric, merely to facilitate the public approval that could justify the war. Beyond the rhetoric of intervention and the language of war, what is becoming an agonizing reality is that the region is striding towards militarization.As a feminist and women’s rights activist, or someone who is concerned about gender equality issues, how do you feel about the increased militarization of the region and the possibility of war looming? What should be done to combat the increased regional militarization and to struggle against the militarized governments? What role should women and women’s rights activists play in this process? According to your own experience and knowledge of the wars in the past, how do you think war, militarization and conflict affect women’s lives.

We would highly appreciate if you could communicate your thoughts on these issues with us , so that we can voice a different and strong opinion against the war. On behalf of all of those who strive for a better world we thank you in advance for your contribution. 
You can send us your answers to our email address:
We are part of Women United for The Future of Middle East and your answers will publish on this page http://women-against-war.blogspot.com/ .

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