We are a group of feminists from a few countries in the Middle East, getting together to create a regional feminist alliance (Women United for the Future of the Middle East), in these incredible times of struggle, victory and hope. Inspired by the power of people who transformed our region and our world in the past few weeks, we urgently feel the need for a feminist intervention in these defining times. Most of us are young women who build our efforts to end women’s oppression on a long history of women’s struggles, in the Middle East and throughout the world. Our first collective action is taking to the streets of the Middle East on the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, 8 March 2011.

What can you do?

If you are a member of a feminist/women’s organization or network in the Middle East/North Africa, please join us. There are already marches planned in many countries. We want to unite our actions. Please send this invitation to other organizations you know.

If you are a feminist organization in other parts of the world, please support us by signing our call, and mentioning us in your 8 March events.

If you are a well-known individual feminist, please sign our call. Your names are precious to us.

Finally, you can reach out to media and spread the news of our united presence on the streets of the Middle East/North Africa.

Write to us at womenum@gmail.com. Send us the name and possibly the logo of your organization.


8 responses to “About

  1. Elahe Amani

    Thank you. As Chair of Global Circles for Women Intercultural Network, a global organization based in SF, USA, I appreciate your work…Please count us in as supporter.

    Elahe Amani

  2. You are utterly wonderful and the hope of this tortured planet. I gladly sign on in support, as an individual, and as founder and president of The Sisterhood Is Global Institute (www.sigi.org) and GlobalSister (www.globalsister.org) . We’ve posted this notice on all our websites–personal, institutional, and social media–and sent out an email blast we expect to go viral. I’ve inserted a notice with links in the long piece I’ve just written for Ms. on Women of the Arab Spring. Nawal (who is coming to New York tomorrow) is a dear friend of 30 years–and we will celebrate you together on March 8. Bravissima, and SHOUKRAN!!
    In global sisterhood,

  3. Kathy Najimy

    I am moved by your strength and courage and behind your life saving efforts with all my heart and soul.
    Thank you for boldly bringing attention to a heartbreaking travesty. PEACE LOVE PEACE LOVE UNITY JUSTICE EQUALITY HUMANITY in the middle east.
    I applaud you and stand by you
    Kathy Najimy



    Franca Bimbi from University of Padua, Italy

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  6. Wonderful job ladies. Count me in as a huge supporter! I wrote a piece for the Ms. Magazine blog on it today. You can see it here: http://msmagazine.com/blog/blog/2011/03/08/you-can-protest-virtually-with-the-women-liberating-the-middle-east/

  7. Hello:
    I just posted this: 40,000 Filipinos in Bahrain; 28,000 in Oman; 1 million in Saudi Arabia; 300,000 in the United Arab Republic. 70% are women who have a long history of struggle for women’s rights. Please talk to them. They will support the struggle for women’s rights in the Middle East.

  8. I am very happy to answer your call. We are very proud of your courage and fortitude. We cry with you and are filled with joy for you to be able to take this stand, to speak out, to reach out. Yes, we are with you.

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